Admiring My New Treasure

So this last Friday, I took a visit to Barnes & Noble for the first time in a long time and did what I normally do. I scanned the YA aisles.

I find that this proves incredibly useful in surmising what the current trends are in YA, as well as raising the chances of me finding a new favorite book.

While there, I spotted a certain title that I have had my eye on for nearly a year: “Brightly Woven” by Alexandra Bracken. It was in paperback and I took no hesitation to grab it immediately. It also helped that after tweeting about it, I got a strong recommendation from a follower.

The other title was spotted by me accidentially. Right as I was about to pay for the novel I was holding, I spotted a familiar name. “Mandy Hubbard.”

I’ve followed Mrs. Hubbard on Twitter for quite some time, so I quickly grabbed my copy of “Ripple” and proceeded to claim my two new prizes.

I haven’t had a chance to read either one yet, but I have a good feeling I’ll probably enjoy both.


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