Query Letters Pt. 2 (Or Alternatively: What Are These Scraps of Paper?)

So a close Figment/Twitter friend of mine, Bailey, was kind enough to take sometime this weekend to send me back a critique on my recent draft of the Query Letter.

To cut a long and quite bloody story short, she tore it to bits.

Not literally of course….albeit I have no way of knowing for sure. (insert nervous laugh)

I’ve met a couple of inexperienced writers in my time online who feared the slightest bit of criticism like the plague and I could easily have imagined them fainting, if not outright dropping dead as a result of reading this.

For me though, it was heaven sent. I honestly can’t thank her enough. Brutal honesty is what I needed.

The problem now, however, is that I feel like I need to restart from scratch. >_<

Query Letters, as I am beginning to discover, are even more frustrating than I imagined a week ago.



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