Japanese YA – How the Industry Works Overseas(Part 1)

If you’ve ever had a chance to talk with me or read my Twitter messages in a given week, you probably are already very aware of my love for Japanese fiction. If I’m not tweeting out a book recommendation, I’m reading the soon to be next one. So it was that when the chance to…

Noadiah and the Prophets

Don’t know who Noadiah is? You’re not alone. Almost no one does. But she was one of the most important women of the Bible and still remains important today, especially in light of debates on the role of women in ministry. Sermon preached May 22, 2015 at La Sierra University Church. If God is with…

The Wisdom of Fools

The Parable of the Ten Virgins is one of the most well known and repeated parables by Jesus, yet it is only recorded in the Gospel of Matthew. While popular, it is also deeply disconcerting to many. Were the five virgins who refused to give oil to those that were without truly “wise”? In the…

The Heart of Christianity

“What’s at stake in the question of God’s character is our image of the Christian life. Is Christianity about requirements? Here’s what you must do to be saved. Or is Christianity about relationship and transformation? Here’s the path: follow it. Both involve imperatives, but one is a threat, the other an invitation.” – Marcus Borg

If A Woman Can’t Be Ordained, She Can’t Be Married

Much of the debate that surrounds the topic of Women’s Ordination seems to usually revolve around a single passage in 1 Timothy. However, many have missed a key part of the passage that could change how one approaches this text.

Adventures in Japanese Bookstores

After enjoying a pleasant outing at the beach (and an equally good meal), I later today headed on over to my favorite Japanese bookstore to peruse the latest books and magazines from the land of the rising sun. 日本語本はすごいですね?

Just A Small Update

I’ve been a bit busy recently and as far as I can tell, that won’t be changing much. Just wanted anyone interested in the next installment in the “Japanese YA Industry” blog posts to realize it could be a while. To get updated on when the next article comes out, simply subscribe to the blog….

Read More (Or Alternatively: Open Up That Thing You Idolize So Much)

I was once asked in an interview, “What would be your advice to young writers on how they could improve their writing?” I replied quickly, “Read more.” Reflecting back, I’m sure some probably felt it was a simplistic answer. However, that’s because, frankly, it’s quite a simple issue. At least, far simpler than many seem…

Japanese YA – How the Industry Works Overseas(Part 5)

– When the T.V. Met the Book – A topic that I’ve made much reference to is the fact that in Japan, book commercials have become increasingly familiar to readers of Young Adult novels. Today’s article will explore that, but instead of using miles of text and pictures, I’ll be showing you the actual commercials….